1.4 Membrane Transport


1.4 Membrane Transport notes to complete (created by Ms Green).

A 13m 35s video lesson from Dan Rott:

Some assessment statements are covered in videos by Stephanie Castle.

An animated, narrated tutorial on how molecules move across the cell membrane (from Sinauer Associates) and Cell Transport from McGraw Hill.


A fantastic animated, narrated tutorials from McGraw Hill Education on how diffusion works


An animated, narrated tutorial on the three types of carrier proteins (from Sinauer Associates).

Or here are is a fantastic animated, narrated tutorial from McGraw Hill Education – how facilitated diffusion works.


An animated, narrated tutorial from McGraw Hill Education – how osmosis works.


The Na/K pump from McGraw Hill or here from RichochetScience.


An animated, narrated tutorial from McGraw Hill Education – Endocytosis & Exocytosis.

And here is an animated, narrated tutorial on vesicle budding &  fusing which also includes a quiz (from Sinauer Associates).

Here Paul Andersen gives you a brief introduction to The Cell Membrane.

Mr W’s Cell Membranes rap is good revision as is his Osmosis! rap.

In Crash Course Biology #5 – In Da Club – Membranes & Transport, Hank describes how cells regulate their contents and communicate with one another via mechanisms within the cell membrane.


Estimation of osmolarity in tissues by bathing samples in hypotonic and hypertonic solutions

Osmolarity – notes from BioNinja

Estimation of osmolarity in tissues, a 7m video from Stephanie Castle.

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