2.5 Enzymes

IB 2.5 – Enzymes in 10m from Dan Rott:

Many assessment statements are also covered by Stephanie Castle (with more being added all the time).

An animated, narrated tutorial on protein denaturation (frying an egg) – from Sinauer Associates. And Mr W. sings ‘Enzymes!’:

Mr Bozeman describes Enzymes:

Here are some fantastic animated tutorials from McGraw Hill Education – how enzymes worka biochemical pathway &  feedback inhibition of biochemical pathways.


An excellent video from HHMI BioInteractive: the evolution of lactose tolerance. Two other videos: What is lactose intolerance? in 2m 35s and lactose intolerance in 3m 30s.

Key terms as flashcards from Quizlet (you also can test yourself in a number of ways):

PRESCRIBED PRACTICAL 3 – Enzyme activity

Experimental investigation of a factor affecting enzyme activity

Enzyme experiments – notes from BioNinja

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