4.4 Climate Change

4.4 climate change from Bob Smullen

IB 4.4 – Climate Change, a 13m lesson from Dan Rott. Global Climate Change, a 7m video lesson from Mr Andersen of Bozeman High. Here are a couple of good visuals: What’s really warming the world and A timeline of Earth’s average temperature.

Global Warming – a video by NASA (5m 49s):

How climate change will transform the planet:

Fantastic computer model from NASA showing how CO2 emissions across the world vary in a year (2006 in this case):

The Gulf Stream explained (in a nutshell, 5m)


How are global carbon dioxide levels measured? (3m 30s):

Measuring climate change (10m 30s):

Drilling back to the future (the importance of ice cores in 6m):


Mr W sings ‘seven ways to reduce carbon’:

Mr W also sings Climate Change Rap 1, Climate Change Rap 2 and Climate Change Rap 3.

A clip from Al Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth which includes ‘None like it hot!’

Key terms as flashcards from Quizlet (you also can test yourself in a number of ways):

David Mitchel’s take on the precautionary principle in Burden of Proof

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