C5 Population Ecology (HL only)

C.5 population.pptx from Bob Smullen

Option C.5 Estimating Population in 11m 28s from Megan Couser and Bio C.5 Population Ecology in 5 minutes from roxprice:

Population Ecology: The Texas Mosquito Mystery – Crash Course Ecology #2 from Hank Green:


An excellent 8m video on the effects of overfishing: What happened to the Grand Banks cod?

State of the Planet’s Oceans: Decimation of the Atlantic Cod Fishery (4m 12s)

EMPTY OCEANS: Is The World Running Out Of Fish? (17m)

Jeremy Jackson: How we wrecked the ocean (a TED talk in 18m)

No Fish Left Uncounted – Full Episode (27m)

Sustainable Use of Marine Resources (2m 21s)


Hans Rosling: global population growth, box by box in a 10m vid; human population growth: Crash Course Ecology #3 in 10m.

Number of humans on the planet today? – see worldometer.

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