IGCSE Bio Topic 11 – Gas Exchange in Humans

Topic 11 revision notes in downloadable word format.

Lessons from Ms Cooper: the Human Respiratory System in 9m; breathing rate and depth of breathing in 7m 40s; properties of the gaseous exchange system in 8m 40s.

Science Bank 22 (Body Parts): you just need Part 1 – The Lungs (to 5m 20s):

How do the Lungs work? – a three and a half minute TED-Ed lesson:

And here is another TED-Ed lesson in 5 m: Oxygen’s surprisingly complex journey through your body.

Gas Exchange – a 3m video on oxygen transport from lungs to cells. The Respiratory System – a 3m 30s video on how the respiratory system works. The Virtual Body – Circulation, Respiration & Breathing (a 19m video).

Respiratory system song:



Infographic from the fabulous Compound Interest – just click on it to enlarge.

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