P11 Electricity (Combined Science)


P12 static electricity from davaruss

Science Bank 7 (Electricity & Magnetism): you just want part 1 – static electricity (to 6m 10s):

Three short video clips: Static Electricity (Clipbank), Static Electricity – dangers & uses (Clipbank) & Static Electricity – a 4m 30s revision video form GCSE Bitesize.


Science Bank 19 (Circuits): part 1 – current & voltage (to 5m 25s); part 2 – Ohm’s law (to 9m 30s); part 3 – changing resistance (to 14m 15s):

GCSE Bitesize revises Mains Electricity in a 4m 44s video & covers energy transfers in circuits; mains electricity; electric charge in a higher level video Electricity (18m 25s).

Three older videos: Scientific Eye – Electricity (19m 24s), Scientific Eye – Electricity for the Future (19m) & BBC Short Circuit – Shock Tactics – the uses of electricity (19m).

Science in Focus – Faraday’s Famous Inventions – a 19m video.

How to wire a plug (woodies DIY TV) – 6m 7s.

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