1.3 Transport in Cells

Ks4 movement in and out of cells from SUSAN MATHEW

Topic 3 revision notes in downloadable word format.

Mr Andersen (from Bozeman High) gives a brief description of osmosis:

A lesson on Osmosis from Mr Dare:

GCSE Bitesize – Diffusion & Osmosis – a 4m 24s video and Bitesize Top 20 Demos: Osmosis (3m 44s).

Mr W’s Osmosis! rap:

And here’s a long powerpoint:

Osmosis Gummy Bear Lesson PowerPoint, Cell Biology, Cell Transport from www.sciencepowerpoint.com

Here is another presentation, covering the effect of osmosis on cells:

Effects of isotonic, hypotonic & hypertonic solutions on cells from j3di79


Here are 3 great videos: estimation of osmolarity from Stephanie Castle; Mr Andersen talks us through an osmosis practical; and osmosis in potato strips from Bio Lab.


A lesson from Mr Dare:

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