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IGCSE Bio Topic 9 – Transport in Animals

Mr Exham’s site has a fantastic section on Blood and Circulation: videos, animations, quizlets, worksheets – go here now!

For self-assessment questions, with exercises and discussions, just click on the correct topic at Biology GCSE & IGCSE Question Bank. The s-cool revision site lets you revise the topic, summarizes the topic & tests you on it. Skoool gives you a lesson, including progress questions, for each Biology topic but you’ll need sound on for it. GCSE Bitesize has revision pages (that take you through the topic), a test and an activity. 

Topic 9 revision notes in downloadable word format.

GCSE Bitesize – Blood Circulation covers how the heart circulates blood & the composition of blood (6m 35s). Other videos include The Virtual Body – Circulation, Respiration & Breathing (19m), Science in Focus – Life Blood (19m 15s) & BBC Short Circuit Blood & Circulation (19m).

Various animations about heart & circulation problems can be found here.


Heart Structure and Function from Faiq Bin Zahid

A lesson on Blood Vessels and the Heart from Mr Dare:

Lessons in Structure of the heart from Ms Cooper (17m 50s) and in The heart beat from Ms Cooper (12m 30s) – this one in more detail than we need.

Bank 22 (Body Parts): you just need Part 2 – the Heart (from 5m 20s to 10m 15s):

A lesson on Coronary Heart Disease from Mr Dare:


A lesson in Blood vessels from Ms Cooper (10m 39s) and here is her lesson on Lymph and Tissue Fluid:


Blood GCSE from dhmcmillan

A lesson on Blood from Mr Dare:

Blood video (a 3m 44s lesson) & Blood music video by Peter Weatherall – 3m 3s and very catchy! And here is a day in the life of a Red Blood Cell (a one minute cartoon) & here a white blood cell chases a bacterium (20s).

A lesson in Blood from Ms Cooper (16m 28s), and here’s her lesson in Blood in defence (11m).

Infographic from Compound Interest: