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IGCSE Bio Topic 20 – Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering

Topic 20 revision notes in downloadable word format; to be completed.

Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering, a lesson in 17m from dovebiology:

Genetic Engineering a 9m 24s video, Genetic Engineering for AQA GCSE (9m) and Genetic Engineering for Edexcel GCSE (15m), Genetic Engineering & Clones, a 15m video from The Virtual Body.

8C Microbes & Disease

Scientific Eye – Microbes & Disease – a 19m 13s video:

Scientific Eye – Microbes & Health – a 19m video:

Science in Action – Microbes – a 19m video.

How do vaccines work? – a TED-Ed lesson from Kelwalin Dhanasarnsombut:

What is a Fungus? – a TED-Ed lesson from the Naked Science Scrapbook:

You and your microbes – a TEDEd lesson from Jessica Green & Karen Guilleman.

11.1 Antibody Production & Vaccination

Immune system hl from Bob Smullen

Fantastic animated tutorials from McGraw Hill Education – the Immune response, T-cell dependent antigens, Epitopes, antigen-presenting cells & T-helper cells and cytotoxic T-cells.

Three videos from TED-Ed: how we conquered the deadly smallpox virus (well, if we ignore the work of the WHO); Learning from smallpox: how to eradicate a disease and here’s a simple answer to How do vaccines work?


Vaccine infographic created by Leon Farrant.

VaccinationInfographic from Compound Interest.

The top 10 vaccine infographics here.