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C1 Species & Communities (SL & HL)

BioKnowledgy C.1 Species and communities from Chris Paine

Bio C1 Species & Communities in 5 minutes from roxprice:

Mr Andersen explains the niche in 5 minutes:

Community Ecology: Feel the Love – Crash Course Ecology #4 with Hank Green:

Community Ecology II: Predators – Crash Course Ecology #5 also with Hank:

Sampling strategies (Scot. Environment, 6m 45s); Transect, Quadrats and Percentage Cover to investigate the Distribution of Clover (6m 40s); Plant Sampling Techniques (Botany Web Series, 3m); and Quadrat Sampling (2016) IB Biology from Mr Alex Lee.

Try out this Population Biology activity to learn about COMPETITIVE EXCLUSION.

This is a fantastic 5m video demonstrating KEYSTONE SPECIES: how wolves change rivers.

C5 Population Ecology (HL only)

BioKnowledgy C.5 Population ecology (AHL) from Chris Paine

Option C.5 Estimating Population in 11m 28s from Megan Couser and Bio C.5 Population Ecology in 5 minutes from roxprice:

Population Ecology: The Texas Mosquito Mystery – Crash Course Ecology #2 from Hank Green:


An excellent 8m video on the effects of overfishing: What happened to the Grand Banks cod?

State of the Planet’s Oceans: Decimation of the Atlantic Cod Fishery (4m 12s)

EMPTY OCEANS: Is The World Running Out Of Fish? (17m)

Jeremy Jackson: How we wrecked the ocean (a TED talk in 18m)

No Fish Left Uncounted – Full Episode (27m)

Sustainable Use of Marine Resources (2m 21s)

An animated tutorial from McGraw Hill Education on r & K strategies (which you don’t need to know).


Hans Rosling: global population growth, box by box in a 10m vid; human population growth: Crash Course Ecology #3 in 10m.

Number of humans on the planet today? – see worldometer.

4.1 Species, Communities & Ecosystems

BioKnowledgy presentation on 4.1 Species, communities and ecosystems from Chris Paine

4-1 Species Comms Ecos notes to complete (created by Mrs Green).

A 9m video lesson on this sub-topic from Dan Rott videos:

In Crash Course Biology #40 – Ecology: Rules for Living on Earth, Hank introduces us to ecology.


Thank you Mr Andersen. And here is a worked Chi-squared example in 9m 30s.

The Chi-Squared Test from Stephen Taylor. And thank you Mr Taylor.

Key terms as flashcards from Quizlet (you also can test yourself in a number of ways):


Setting up sealed mesocosms to try to establish sustainability

Mesocosms – notes from BioNinja