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P9 Electromagnetic Spectrum (Combined Science)

Science Bank 6 (Electromagnetic Spectrum): part 1 – the visible spectrum (to 4m 40s); part 2 – longer waves (to 9m 15s); part 3 – shorter waves (to 14m 15s):

P9 electromagnetic spectrum from davaruss

Three short video clips from Clipbank: the Electromagnetic Spectrum, UV & X-rays & the passionate Jon Chase describes Electromagnetic Radiation in 4m 19s.

All the different forms of radiation in the Electromagnetic Spectrum are described here in a 24m 30s video (BBC KS4 Class Clips).

Other videos include How does a microwave work? from Naked Science Scrapbook (4m 35s), Waves & Communication from Jon Chase (4m 19s), Science in Focus – Electromagnetic Spectrum (19m 9s), & in GCSE Bitesize foundation level – Waves  – the second part revises the electromagnetic spectrum.

8.3 Photosynthesis

8.3 photosynthesis from Bob Smullen

Find a video lesson on this sub-topic at Dan Rott videos.

8.2 Photosynthesis essay qus

McGraw Hill Photosynthesis tutorial and Paul Andersen explains the process of Photosynthesis in a 12m 27s tutorial:

Also IB 2.9 & 8.3 – Photosynthesis Part 1: Introduction to photosynthesis including ways to measure the rate and limiting factors of photosynthesis in 10m from Dan Rott. Or here is Photosynthesis part 1 of a series of tutorials, specific to IB Biology from Alex Lee.


Two fantastic animated tutorials from McGraw Hill Education – photosynthesis electron transport and  photophosporylation (cyclic & non-cyclic) – both are a bit more detailed than we need but they’re good.

This animation also shows how PSII and PSI reduce NADP.

Photosynthesis – Light-dependent Stage, an 8m video from Mr Exham or here is IB 2.9 & 8.3 – Photosynthesis Part 2: LDR in 9m from Dan Rott.

Mr W sings Photosynthesis – the LDR.


The Calvin cycle – a fantastic animated tutorial from McGraw Hill Education.

And here’s an animated, narrated tutorial on harvesting light – PSI & PSII in photosynthesisfrom Sinauer Associates.

Photosynthesis – Light-independent stage, a 5m video from Mr Exham, and here is a 5m TED-Ed lesson: Nature’s smallest factory: The Calvin cycle and this is IB 2.9 & 8.3 Photosynthesis Part 3: LIR in 11m from Dan Rott.

Mr W sings Photosynthesis – the LIR.


BioNInja has a great summary of the lollipop experiment, including a nice animation.

Calvin’s Experiments (2016) IB Biology, a 10m video from Alex Lee.


Key terms as flashcards from Quizlet (you also can test yourself in a number of ways):