Welcome to all students. I have created this site for you. It is primarily a revision resource for the courses that I teach so virtually everything on here you need to know. There are some ‘extras’ to extend your knowledge further than the syllabus but they will be clearly labelled. At the moment it is still a work in progress.

IB Biology –  For each topic there is a powerpoint of the IB assessment statements and for every sub-topic there is a presentation, YouTube clips and tutorials (lessons/podcasts that are particularly good at explaining parts of the syllabus), as well as links to other sites and the odd song.

IGCSE Biology – this covers the Cambridge IGCSE Biology syllabus (0610) from CIE. Each topic has a powerpoint of the relevant syllabus statements as well as links to other sites, relevant YouTube clips and sometimes a tutorial or even a song.

MYP Sciences -this part of the blog is probably only of use to me, as it is very specific to some of the units of inquiry that I teach.

Please let me know what you think – what’s good, what could be better, what links no longer work and any other suggestions.

To other teachers – thank you! Most of the resources on this blog I have taken from other sites – very little has been created from scratch by me – so I thank you all. I have tried to acknowledge where resources have come from but please let me know if I have not or if you are unhappy with my use of your resource – I am happy to remove any thing that you feel should not be here. But please do feel free to take anything that I have created.

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