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Theory of Knowledge (ToK)

Ib theory of_knowledge_bms_presentation lauwers from bmslibrary2 – an excellent presentation (just ignore the outdated diploma points matrix on slide 27)

The complete IB guide: TOK guide 2015

Here is the link to Mr Hoye’s brilliant ToK website. The Rabat American School has a great moodle with a ToK  section and Simon Taylor’s Theory of Knowledge website is here.

The subject of Biology often generates ToK links – this is Mr Taylor’s fantastic i-Biology ToK section.

How does your EE and ToK grade affect your DP points score?:

Diploma points matrix








How to structure your ToK presentation – great advice form Tim Woods

Your ToK Essay – more great advice form Tim Woods


The paradox of value, a 3m 45s TED-Ed video lesson.

Ilha Das Flores (1989) – a documentary.

The importance of Critical Thinking (in 5m).