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C11 Air & Water (Combined Science)

Air and water from Carole Paquette – this powerpoint covers most of what you need to know.

IGCSE Chemistry topic 11, part 1 – Water:

A short video form The Virtual School – testing for water:


IGCSE Chemistry topic 11, part 2 – Air:


IGCSE Chemistry topic 11, part  3 – Air: rusting & carbon dioxide:

IGCSE Chemistry, a 25m lesson from ChemistryKlipz covers rusting from 11m to 13m 50s.

GCSE s-cool – Rusting – revision notes.

C12 Organic Chemistry (Combined Science)

GCSE Bitesize has revision pages (that take you through the topic), a test and an activity – just scroll down to ‘Crude oil & fuels’ and ‘Useful substances from crude oil’. GCSE s-cool – Products from Crude Oil includes polymerisation – revision notes & animations, practise exam questions & a revision summary. Skoool Chemistry – click on ‘2. Oil Products’ for excellent lessons that take you through the topic (including alkanes & alkenes); also a glossary of key terms. Chemactive worksheets & answers just click on Oil questions. For Doc Brown’s Chemistry quizzes, word-fills, crosswords and study notes go here and just scroll down.

IGCSE Chemistry: Topic 14 Organic Chemistry, a series of 11 lessons from Sal Sciab.

IGCSE Chemistry: Organic Chemistry – part 1, a 14m lesson from ChemistryKlipz.


Fractional Distillation – The Virtual School (4m 6s):

Crude Oil Fractions & their Uses – The Virtual School (4m 6s):

Oil Distillation – a great 3 minute video or watch Science Bank 1 (Raw Materials): you only need part 1, Crude Oil & Fractional Distillation (up to 5m 20s).

Here is an animation to show the formation of coal and oil.

Fuels revision flash cards from Quizlet:


A great powerpoint but we only need to know up to slide 32 (K4 Chemistry Alkanes & Alkenes (includes polymers) from Sean Hunt)

Formula of organic compounds (The Virtual School):

Hydrocarbon Cracking & why it is done (The Virtual School):

Carrying out the practical and what happens if you get suck-back.

Testing alkenes with bromine (The Virtual School):