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Revision & Links (KS3)

The Year 7 to 9 Science programme is based on the UK National Curriculum.

This is a revision document that covers all the Year 7, 8 and 9 topics in Science. It includes questions (and answers at the back) and can be downloaded from here:


Some useful sites for revising science in years 7 – 9 include:


This site has tests (and mark schemes) for all the topics that we study in years 7 – 9. Also:

Links 4 Science – just scroll down & click on the topic you want for powerpoints, videos, tests, crosswords, worksheets etc.

Doc Brown – quizzes, worksheets, crosswords, just click on KS3 Biology, Chemistry or Physics.

Intel Education –> KS3 –> Biology, Chemistry or Physics for tutorials & tests.

BBC Bitesize for tutorials, activities, tests & videos.

What2learn for flash revision games.

SATS papers:

For SATS papers & markschemes – useful for the kind of questions we use in our topic tests – go to FreeExamPapers or Testbase or Free SATS Papers or Free Teacher or Science Pass.


Definitions of science & engineering terms.