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P1 Motion (Combined Science)

Calculating Speed a 2m video from The Virtual School:

Science Bank 13 (Force & Motion): part 1 – constant speed (to 5m 25s) & part 2 – acceleration (to 9m 45s):

The Naked Scientist presents Distance-Time Graphs in 4m 29s & Graphs of Motion in 3m 30s and GCSE Bitesize revises  distance/time & velocity/time graphs in Forces & Motion (4m 42s).

Science in Action – Motion – an 18m 50s video.

Short video clips from Clipbank – Calculating Speed, Calculating Acceleration, Stopping Distances & Terminal Velocity.

GCSE Bitesize revises Forces & Motion – part 3 covers Distance, Speed & Acceleration & part 4, Forces & Motion.

Scientific Eye – Speed & Safety – a 19m 10s video.

P2 Matter and Forces (Combined Science)

Science in Focus – Forces & Motion – a 19m video.GCSE Bitesize – Forces & Motion – a 27m revision video covering Pressure; how Forces change shapes; Distance, Speed & Acceleration; Forces & Motion.


Science Bank 13 (Force & Motion): you just need part 3 – gravity & falling (from 9m 45s):

Weight versus Mass – a 4m 47s video (Eureka 7):



Balanced & Unbalanced Forces – The Virtual School 2m 34s:

The Naked Scientist presents Forces & Motion in 5m 38s, BBC iScience explains Newton’s Laws in less than 5 minutes & Bitesize Top 20 Demos does it in just over 5m – Newton’s Laws.

A number of short clips from Clipbank: Using Levers; Measuring Turning Effect; Load, Effort & Pivots; Using Pulleys & Ramps ; Machines & Moments.

Two Scientific Eye videosMachines & Moments & Shape & Strength.

P3 Energy, Work and Power (Combined Science)


The Naked Scientist presents Potential & Kinetic Energy in 2m 27s.

A short (9m 28s) revision video from Curriculum Bites – Energy.

Science in Focus – Energy – a 19m 34s video and two older videos: BBC Short Circuit – Energy Changes (18m 52s) & Scientific Eye – Energy (19m 48s).



Short (less than 5 minute) video clip from BBC iScience – Nuclear Fusion, the passionate Jon Chase explains Fusion in Stars in 4m 30s & GCSE Bitesize revises Fusion & Fission in a 4m video.


Science in Focus – Electricity Generation 1 – fossil fuels (19m 15s):

A short (2m 16s) video clip on Generating Electricity from Clipbank & a 4m video clip from the National Grid – Where energy comes from.


Science in Focus – Electricity Generation 2 – alternative fuels (19m 15s):

Two videos on Hydro-electric power: a short (3m) clip on Hydroelectric Power from Clipbank & Science in Focus – Electric City Hoover Dam (19m 18s).

BBC KS4 Class Clips – Wind Farms – a 6m 36s video.

Fossil fuels versus solar energy in Jamaica (a 4m 35s video) & The Challenge of Solar Energy – Inside Science – a 13m 46s video.

Energy & Recycling in California – hydrogen fuel cars & wind turbines – a 14m video.

A short video clip from BBC iScience – Nuclear Fission & one from Horizon – How Nuclear Power works (1m 29s).

Inside Science – Build your own Nuclear Reactor – a 13m 40s video.

BBC Short Circuit – a risky business – an 18m 43s video on nuclear power.

P3.3 WORK & P3.4 POWER

GCSE Bitesize – Work & Energy – a 4m 35s revision video.

GCSE Bitesize also has a 33m revision video at foundation level – Energy Resources & Transfer – part 1 covers energy transfer and part 2 covers work, power & energy. At higher level – Energy Resources & Transfer – part 1 covers work, power & energy.