IGCSE Chem Topic 8 – Acids, Bases & Salts

Here are some key terms for this topic: Key Terms C8

GCSE Bitesize has revision pages (that take you through the topic), a test and an activity – scroll down to Acids, Bases and Salts. GCSE s-cool – Acids & Alkalis – revision notes & animations, practise exam questions & a revision summary. Skoool Chemistry – click on ‘7.Acids, Alkalis & Salts’ for excellent lessons that take you through the topic; also a glossary of terms. Chemactive worksheets & answers just click on Acids & Alkali questions. Also worksheets from Mr Guch that cover Acids, Bases & SolutionsFor Doc Brown’s Chemistry quizzes, word-fills, crosswords and study notes go here and just scroll down. 

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