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C4 Conservation of Biodiversity (SL & HL)

C.4 Conservation of Biodiversity from Bob Smullen

Bio C4 Conservation Biodiversity in 5 minutes from roxprice:


Biological sampling & recording: Kick sampling (7m 48s from FSC); Kick Sampling (1m)


Why is Biodiversity so important? (TED-Ed 4m video)

E.O. Wilson on Biodiversity in one minute; How Do the Many Islands of the Philippines Contribute to Its Biodiversity? (2m).

Loss of Biodiversity from Mr Andersen (7m 24s)


Conservation & the race to save Biodiversity (12m video)

Conservation and Restoration Ecology: Crash Course Ecology #12 (10m)

Topic 5 Evolution & Biodiversity

What is Evolution? – an 8m 53s video from Stated Clearly:

Some excellent interactive animations & tutorials on Variation & Evolution just click on Variation, Selection & Time at the bottom of this page (Learn.Genetics).

In Crash Course Biology #20 – Evolution: It’s a Thing, Hank gets real with us in a discussion of evolution – it’s a thing, not a debate.

Myths and misconceptions about evolution from TED-Ed.

Paul Andersen (from Bozeman High) explains Microevolution.

The whole topic in one powerpoint (if you want):

IB Biology Evolution 2015 from Bob Smullen

The Evolution of Life on Earth in 24 hrs – a 2m 19s animation from AsapSCIENCE: