10.3 Extraction of & 10.4 Uses of Metals

An excellent lesson on the Extraction & Uses of Metals from ChemistryKlipz (7m 23s):

The extraction of metals – an excellent 19m video:

The Blast Furnace is covered in  Ore to Steel – HowStuffWorks: a quick 2 minute vid, The Blast Furnace a 1m53s vid from CORUS & here is an animation of a Victorian blast furnace. The RSC presents Iron & Steel – a 6m 37s vid going into more detail than you need for the exam but its worth watching.

Demo – heating copper oxide with carbon powder to extract copper (1m).

GCSE s-cool – Extraction of Metals – revision notes & animations, practise exam questions & a revision summary

Not a bad little powerpoint (we don’t need the details on steel):

Extraction Of Metals from guest2082ec7


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