7.2 Alimentary canal & 7.3 & 7.4 Digestion & 7.5 Absorption

7.2 to 7.5 revision notes in downloadable word format.

GCSE Bitesize revises Digestion (3m 44) and digestion & enzymes in Nutrition (6m). The New Living Body – Digestion is a 19m video especially concerning fat.

A lesson in Digestive system. Duodenum, gall bladder, liver and pancreas from Ms Cooper (13m 10s)

Digestion foundation level from biologica.edu

This covers the basics of digestive enzymes but we need to know it in more detail:

Y7 Life 10 digestive enzymes from Ms Yam

Absorption of food from biologica.edu



Image from LadyofHats and infographic from Compound Interest – just click to enlarge.


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