1.1 Introduction to Cells

How about a video lesson from Dan Rott or an animated, narrated tutorial on the scientific method and where life comes from (from Sinauer Associates)?


The wacky history of cell theory: a 6m TED-Ed video form Lauren Royal-Woods. Here are a couple of videos on unicellular life: Protists (4m 11s) and Protista from Mr Andersen (5m).


Check out this great interactive Cell Size & Scale graphic. What is the biggest single-celled organism? – a 4m TED-Ed lesson from Murry Gans.

Surface Area to Volume RATIO

The importance of surface area to volume ratio, a 2m 44s video from Stephanie Castle.


Thank you Mr Andersen. How about Stephanie Castle’s 1m video Emergent Properties or Alex Lee’s 11m video Cell Theory – emergent properties – differentiation.


What are stem cells?, from TED-Ed.

The therapeutic use of stem cells (2m vid from Stephanie Castle); Stem Cells (4m from SciShow); the ethics of stem cells: South Park. Stem cell treatment cures blindness (3m vid).

Immortal cells? Henrietta may have passed away, but her cells live on. Stem Cells: activities and information from Learn.Genetics.


This presentation is revision by drawing from Mr Taylor of iBiology. It covers the old syllabus but is very good:

Draw The Core from Stephen Taylor

http://bit.ly/measureSIuncertainty – another excellent Ms Green presentation on Measuring, SI units & Uncertainty.

PRESCRIBED PRACTICAL 1 – Microscope drawing

Use of a light microscope to investigate the structure and ultra-structure of cells and tissues, with drawing of cells and calculation of the magnification of drawings and the actual size of structures shown in drawings or micrographs.

Magnification – notes from BioNinja

Calculating the magnification and the actual size of structures, a 4m video from Stephanie Castle.

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