9.1 Transport in the Xylem of Plants

9.1 transport in the xylem of plants from Bob Smullen

Fantastic animated tutorials from McGraw Hill Education – Water Uptake, Mineral Uptake and here’s a simple transpiration animation.

A 13m 43s video lesson covering all of 9.1 from Dan Rott:

Paul Andersen explains how nutrients and water are transported in plants in Plant Nutrition & Transport.

PRESCRIBED PRACTICAL 7 – Transpiration rate using potometer

Measurement of transpiration rates using potometers

Plant experiments – notes from BioNinja

Simulations: Transpiration, a LabBench Activity from Pearson; Plant Transpiration, a Virtual Lab from McGraw-Hill Biology includes a quiz and a table of results to complete; Plant Transpiration virtual lab at Wow Biolab, includes a lab report to complete; Measuring Transpiration in Plants, a practical simulation from the University of Reading

Here’s a great animation in which you can change the factors that affect the rate of transpiration.

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