14.4 Homeostasis

A good powerpoint that includes osmoregulation:

Homeostasis of the body from Claire Gaukrodger

14.4 Homeostasis notes in downloadable word format.

A lesson on Thermoregulation from Mr Dare:

Science Bank 16 (Homeostasis): part 1 – controlling Temperature (to 5m 10s), part 2 – controlling Water Levels (to 9m) & part 3 – controlling Blood Sugar Level (to 14m 10s):

A powerpoint can be downloaded from here, a 5m 33s animation on Homeostasis is here & this link to GCSE Bitesize will help you revise the topic.

Videos include The Virtual Body – Homeostasis (19m), Homeostasis – The New Living Body (19m) & BBC Short Circuit Homeostasis (19m).


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