6.3 The development of understanding of genetics and evolution

6.3.1 Theory of evolution (biology only)

6.3.2 Speciation (biology only)

6.3.3 The understanding of genetics (biology only)

A short, simple explanation of Gregor Mendel’s work and simple genetic crosses:

GCSE Bitesize – Inheritance, a tutorial (4m 46s):

BBC Short Circuit Genetics– a 19m video.

Genetic Diseases

Here are some videos about genetic diseases:Sam’s story (cystic fibrosis) & CF short movie; sickle cell anaemia; what is Huntington’s disease?

Pedigree analysis

Genetics pedigree problems from callr

6.3.4 Evidence for evolution

6.3.5 Fossils

6.3.6 Extinction

6.3.7 Resistant bacteria

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