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2.4 Proteins

What is a Protein? – a superb 7m video, the first 3m 25s covers protein structure:

Here Stephanie Castle covers amino-acids are linked together by condensation reactions and Dan Rott covers IB 2.4 – Proteins in 13m from Dan Rott:

Here’s a fantastic animated tutorial from McGraw Hill Education on Protein Structure.

Some past paper questions answered by IB Blueprint: Carbohydrates, lipids & proteins – Past Exam Paper 1 QuestionsCarbohydrates, lipids & proteins – Paper 2 Questions.


14.8 Polymers (synthetic & natural)

Science Bank 11 (Industrial Chemistry): you just need part 2 – Plastics & Polymerisation (from 4m 45s to 10m 20s).The diverse world of polymers (a TED-Ed original from Jan Mattingly):

A lovely site about polymers – lots of information and animations.

Making nylon in the lab.

Here are two short videos on polymers: polythene from RSC (5m 30s) and polystyrene from Lammas Science (2m 15s). And here are three longer ones: plastics/polymers from Science in Focus (18m 40s); polythene from Chemistry in Action (20m) & BBC Short Circuit polymers (& crude oil) (19m).

Infographic courtesy of the fabulous Compound Interest blog – just click on it to enlarge.