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4.2 The Mole Concept

Stoichiometry & The Mole from Stephen Taylor

IGCSE Chemistry: Calculations involving Moles, a 16m lesson from ChemistryKlipz. 

What is a mole? – The Virtual School (3m 49s):

Molar Volumes of Gases – The Virtual School (3m 23s):

How to use the formula triangles – from GCSE Bitesize.

Practice here – some mole calculation worksheets and Stoichiometry from Mister Guch and some chemical calculations from Doc Brown.

Quantitative chemistry from GCSE Bitesize – just revise the bits you need though (use the syllabus statements to decide). A Quantitative Chemistry quiz – for teams or individuals.

A Mole Music Video by Peter Weatherall (1m 48s).

‘Calculations involving the use of limiting reactants may be set’:

What would happen if you had a mole of moles? . The fantastic What if? site answers this question. The answer is rather unpleasant.

Infographic from Compound Interest: