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5.2 Natural Selection

5.2 natural selection from Bob Smullen

What is Natural Selection? – a 9m 19s video from Stated Clearly:

Darwin’s Natural Selection – explained in a 4m 3s video:

Find a video lesson on this sub-topic at Dan Rott videos.

An animated tutorial from McGraw Hill Education – Evolutionary Change (the different evolutionary forces)

An excellent narrated tutorial on Evolution – the big picture which includes evidence for evolution (from Sinauer Associates).

Natural selection interactive simulation from PhET (University of Colorado) and here is more information and a peppered moth game from (Arizona State University). Also, Endler’s guppies (natural vs sexual selection) simulation from NetLogo and 2 evolution labs from BioInteractive (hhmi): Lizard Evolution Virtual Lab and Stickleback Evolution Virtual Lab. Finally, Deer Mice a natural selection simulation from ConnectedBio.

In Crash Course Biology #14 – Natural Selection, Hank guides us through the process of natural selection, the key mechanism of evolution. Hank’s brother helps him present The Evolutionary Epic (Big History#5). Darwin and Natural Selection (Crash Course History of Science #22) in 13m.

Paul Andersen explains Natural SelectionMicroevolution and details Examples of Natural Selection.

Key terms as flashcards from Quizlet (you also can test yourself in a number of ways):