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3.1 Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table

Short videos on what is an atom and parts of an atom (from The Virtual School) in English; and here’s one in Australian. Science Bank 17 (Atomic Structure):Part 1 – structure of the atom, Part 2 – atomic number & mass number, Part 3 – electronic structure.

The Virtual School have made a number of other short videos. Here’s one on atomic & mass number; this covers energy levels & electronic configuration. Some practice exam questions on atoms go here and here. And here’s a poem.

What are isotopes?:

A good powerpoint – although you don’t need to know about Rutherford’s experiment (the first few slides):

atomic structure from Ninth Grade

GCSE s-cool – Atomic Structure – revision notes & animations, practise exam questions & a revision summary. Skoool Chemistry – click on ‘5. Atoms & the Periodic Table’ for excellent lessons that take you through atomic structure; also a glossary of key terms.

For Doc Brown’s Chemistry quizzes, word-fills, crosswords and study notes go here and just scroll down to ‘17.Atomic structure, isotopes, electronic structure’. Chemactive worksheets & answers just click on ‘Atomic Structure questions’.

A dynamic (wow!) periodic table is hereWhy not try the Periodic Table time trial challenge? – it’s addictive.