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1.5 The Origin of Cells

1.5 The Origin of Cells notes to complete (created by Ms Green).

A 10m video lesson from Dan Rott:

Can Science explain the origin of life? – a fantastic 7m video from Stated Clearly:

Stated Clearly have also made this 9m video What is Chemical Evolution? , in 7m, What is the RNA World Hypothesis? and in 8m, What caused life’s evolutionary transitions?

This is a fantastic 15m video from Martin Hanczyc at TED: The line between life and not life


The powerpoint covers all that we need to know, the following is more detailed than we need but it’s interesting – this is how life began! Paul Andersen describes how Abiogenesis could have occurred on Earth and discusses Scientific Evidence of The Origin of Life on our planet.

What was the Miller-Urey experiment? – a 7m 30s video from Stated Clearly and an animation about this famous experiment can be found here.

RNA – The Discovery of Ribozymes: Dr. Thomas Cech discusses RNA, its characteristics, and its ability to act as an enzyme (9m 30s).


A fantastic animated, narrated tutorial from McGraw Hill Education – Endosymbiosis – or here’s one from Sinauer Associates that includes an activity – the Endosymbiont theory. And here are short video clips discussing the endosymbiotic theory (4m 17s): How did the evolution of complex life on Earth begin? – The Gene Code – or How we think complex cells evolved – a 6m TED-Ed lesson from Adam Jacobson.

LOUIS PASTEUR’S EXPERIMENT (to disprove Spontaneous Generation)

Explained here in note form or Hank tells us about 3 world-changing Biology experiments (#1 is Pasteur’s and #3 is Miller-Urey’s) in a 4m 34s video.

Maybe you’ll find a video lesson covering some assessment statements by Stephanie Castle.