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Applying to University

Student guides for applying to Universities:

ib-student-guide-to Australian Universities

ib-student-guide-to Canadian Universities

ib-student-guide-to UK Universities

ib-student-guide-to USA Universities

Applying to the UK

Here are some presentations to help you with the UCAS application process:

UCAS Parents’ Information Evening 2016 from stmarysmediastudies

Uk application night 2016 final from hsguidance

UCAS Personal Statement Workshop 2016 from hsguidance

Top 10 Myths: The UK University Application Process

Applying to Australia or New Zealand

Here is some helpful information:

JUKO 2015 – Australian Universities from hsguidance

Applying to the USA

Here is some advice:

Studying in the USA Created by CoverMore. What You Need To Do Before Applying Take the SAT or ACT test (University entrance exam basically) – They both.

Creating a College Application that’s Out of This World from asim09

Getting To Know You: The Purpose of Each College Application Essay from Rebecca Joseph

What Did You Do Last Summer? 2015 Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Young Scholars College Application Essays Workshop from Rebecca Joseph

How to make your IB credentials stand out in the university application process

IB versus A levels – a research summary from the IB: IB vs A level

Preparing for the IELTS Academic. Here is a free online course, Inside IELTS: Preparing for the Test with the Experts.