1.2 Cell Division

1.2.1 Chromosomes


Hip, hip hooray for DNA! – the DNA song by Peter Weatherall (2m 47s).

Where do genes come from? A TED-Ed video (not on the syllabus):

17.1 & 17.2 revision notes in downloadable word format; to complete.

1.2.2 Mitosis and the Cell Cycle

Mitosis (in english). And here is Mitosis in american & mitosis – a 2m 45 s vid from Bitesize Top 20 Demos. Also here is What is Mitosis? (a 3m 45s lesson) & Mitosis music video by Peter Weatherall (2m 7s).

Here is Meiosis in american (and in more detail than you need).

Science Bank 9 (Cells & Tissues): Part 3 (from 9m 15s) also covers Mitosis & Meiosis. As does Cell Division (a 2m 3s vid from BBC iScience) & Cell Division (a 5m 23s vid from GCSE Bitesize).

1.2.3 Stem Cells

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