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14.1 Nervous Control in humans & 14.2 Sense Organs

14.1 Nervous Control notes and 14.2 Sense Organs notes in downloadable word format.

A lesson on Nervous System and Reflex Arc from Mr Dare:

A lesson on the Eye and Pupil Reflex from Mr Dare:

And finally, a lesson on Accommodation from Mr Dare:

Science Bank 15 (Responding to Stimuli): Part 1 – the Eye (to 5m 30s); Part 2 – the Nervous System (to 9m 25s):

GCSE Bitesize revises The Nervous System (in 8m 27s) and here’s a short (less than 5 minute) video clip from BBC iScience – The Eye.

Other videos include Science in Focus – Wired Nervous System (22m 51s), The Virtual Body – Sensory Systems (19m) & BBC Short Circuit The Eye (19m).